Step Up: Revolution

Director: Scott Speer

Cutting a dance film for producer Adam Shankman was beyond exhilarating. The film features a multitude of different dance styles, all of which were a treat to edit.

Blue Room Dance

I absolutely love cutting dance. And I love dubstep. So this sequence will always hold a special place in my heart. This is an extended version of the sequence, and is an earlier cut than what made it in to the final film. In this scene, Emily is dancing with the Mob for the first time. She’s nervous and excited at once. I wanted to get into her head and capture those emotions. I also wanted to try something a little more stylized.

In the end, we decided to go with a cut that was a little more traditional. But as a sequence unto itself, I love this earlier cut.

The Farewell Trailer

Ocean Avenue

Shot over 3 and a half days on Ocean Avenue in the heart of Miami’s South Beach, this sequence is just pure over the top fun.

The Farewell Trailer

The Last Dance

At the climax of the movie, the two heros reconcile, dance, and of course, save the day.

The Farewell Trailer
Step Up-Crew

Editorial Crew Extraordinaire.
What’s the drill for? 
“Sometimes it’s good to break the rules.”