Palm Springs

Director: Max Barbikow

Produced by Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island crew, Palm Springs marked the second film Matt edited in as many years to premier at Sundance. It set a new high sale record for Sundance, beating the previous record of $17.5M by 69 cents. (True Lonely Island style!)

Palm Springs’ critical and audience response has been completely overwhelming. The film holds a 94% fresh rating based on 173 critic reviews. It was likewise a hit with audiences, smashing Hulu’s record for hours viewed on an opening weekend.

“A question burns in in the minds of anyone who’s seen more than a couple of these live-die-restart films: Is the ‘let’s do every dumb, life-threatening thing we can imagine' montage any good? Answer: It’s among the best.”

The Farewell Film


Interviews on Editing the Time Loop

The storytelling in Palm Springs is part linear and part non-linear. On the non-linear side, there were obviously repetitions of the same day, but those days weren’t repetitions per se for our heroes… their timelines generally kept moving forward, together. But sometimes we used the narrative device of the flashback to make their storyline non-linear as well, and sometimes we even saw the exact same events, but once from Nyles’ perspective, and a second time from Sarah’s perspective. We took great care in the editorial process to keep all those repetitions soul crushing for the characters, but not for the audience. I talk about how we achieved that balance in this piece for Variety magazine, and also in this episode of Avid’s Rough Cut podcast, as well as this article and video interview for Deadline Hollywood.